helsinki-based design studio pizzolorusso has introduced the cityradio, a device which allows you to listen to radio stations of different cities all over the world. the portable device which has been developed for the brand palomar, gives listeners the opportunity to discover new music, languages, and to travel with their imagination.

cityradio by pizzolorusso for palomar 1
all images courtesy of pizzolorusso and palomar



the device by pizzolorusso and palomar features a set of front magnetic keys, which users can use to move to different cities. meanwhile, the upper keys allow navigation through the stations of the chosen city and save some favourite frequencies. these keys can be detached and combined according to the users’ preferences, obtaining their selection within 18 available cities. 

cityradio by pizzolorusso for palomar 2



cityradio is somewhat reminiscent of the appliances of radio’s early history, which also displayed city names to identify their frequencies. however, it is a contemporary object which utilizing technology, manages to recreate the lost emotion of live listening to the special voices of the world, through an original and dedicated sound box.





in order to use the device, it is necessary to download the specifically developed app which allows you to connect the radio to the internet and to configure and modify the selection of the cities. the streaming flows of over 60,000 radios are ensured for quality and transmission speed by an exclusive agreement with one of the most accredited streaming flow providers in the world. 

cityradio by pizzolorusso for palomar 3


cityradio by pizzolorusso for palomar 4


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cityradio by pizzolorusso for palomar 6



project info:


name: cityradio

designer: emanuele pizzolorusso

brand: palomar




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edited by: myrto katsikopoulou | designboom