‘little printer’ by BERG

london-based design studio BERG has developed  ‘little printer‘, a compact, inkless, thermal printer which can produce receipt-sized miniature newspapers, notes, or images directly from a cellular device.through the custom-designed BERG cloud program, the printer connects wirelessly to any smartphone with zero configuration. ‘little printer’ itself is constructed from a high-gloss injected moulded plastic with a brushed steel faceplate, intended to hold the paper and thus framing each delivery as it prints.

the ‘little printer’ has the potential to print documents from ARUP, foursquare, google, the guardian and nike. users can also set and manage subscriptions for the device, so that data is automatically printed at prespecified times of day.

little printer by BERG google calendar stores schedules, including birthday reminders

little printer by BERG due to the subscription feature of the little printer, the user may wake up to their news and other updates having already printed

little printer by BERG users may choose from a variety of subjects on arup, from art to architecture to typography to butterflies.

little printer by BERG the user may print their friends’ check-ins on foursquare

video of the ‘little printer’

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