Towable electric Cybertrailer by living vehicle 


Tesla Cybertruck seems to inspire vehicle manufacturers in terms of its geometric and angular design and aerodynamic profiles. One of these truck siblings just recently came forward: the electric CyberTrailer. Born from the hands of Living Vehicle, a California-based luxury RV specialist, the caravan follows in the footsteps of Tesla Cybertruck’s minimal color palettes and now-famed pointed and angular body frame.


It’s not only, or specifically, the Tesla Cybertruck that Living Vehicle’s CyberTrailer can be paired up with. It’s ideally a partner of an electric vehicle, including Ford F-150 Lightning and Rivian R1T, but conventional half-ton gas and diesel vehicles are more than welcome too. If the driver owns motor-based tow vehicles with high-power alternators installed, they can even act as a backup power source to the electric RV.

living vehicle electric cybertrailer tesla cybertruck
images courtesy of Living Vehicle



Tesla cybertruck-inspired electric RV with solar panels


On top of Living Vehicle’s CyberTrailer, solar panels clad the roof and the awnings or windows for continuous off-grid and on-the-road power. The solar-powered electric RV isn’t just a camper but also a mobile charging station, reboosting the power of its tow vehicle for additional power when off-grid. It can also power up equipment and appliances when needed, and the CyberTrailer uses redundant power sources, both from its solar panels and backup power generation, to amp up its charging capabilities.


Living Vehicle says that its electric Tesla Cybertruck-looking RV can ‘extract moisture from the air’ using its water generation system. In this way, the dew or dampness in the air as the vehicle crosses states or cities can be a source of water. It’s already a form of technology found in some of its renowned travel trailer models. This system, combined with water and waste recycling processes, can allow owners to extend their travels without water or waste hookups. 

living vehicle electric cybertrailer tesla cybertruck
rear view of Living Vehicle’s electric CyberTrailer with a design inspired by Tesla Cybertruck



more specs and details about upcoming electric CyberTrailer


As of publishing this story, Living Vehicle says it is expected to release more specs and details about its upcoming electric CyberTrailer. ‘These updates will provide deeper insights into the innovative model’s capabilities and features,’ the design team says. In the meantime, the Tesla Cybertruck-inspired RV has a starting price of 175,000 USD, with already 80 percent of the reservations sold out. Interested adventurers can reserve theirs when they place a refundable deposit of 100 USD, and deliveries of the real-life RV model begin in 2025.

living vehicle electric cybertrailer tesla cybertruck
Tesla Cybertruck can tow Living Vehicle’s new electric Cybertrailer

living vehicle electric cybertrailer tesla cybertruck
solar panels clad the sides and roof of Living Vehicle’s electric CyberTrailer

living vehicle electric cybertrailer tesla cybertruck
detailed view of the Tesla Cybertruck-inspired electric CyberTrailer by Living Vehicle

living vehicle electric cybertrailer tesla cybertruck
the windows double as awnings with solar panels to shelter the campers from the sun



project info:


name: CyberTrailer

manufacturer: Living Vehicle