LKM lab, innovation and production studio of creative agency lowkeymoves, has introduced a variety of virtual experiences to accommodate artists, designers, and companies during the difficult times of COVID-19. the designers have decided to re-invent new opportunities for creators’ showcases, offering a wide range of options, from virtual production to augmented reality and volumetric videos. 

how lkm lab is adapting creative design enterprises to todays covid 19 challenges 1
example of how LKM lab adopts barcelona’s fashion week and converts it to a virtual experience
all images and videos courtesy of lowkeymoves



‘the pandemic has caused a dramatic reduction of in-person interactions, and we have found ourselves in the mid of the suspension of cultural activities, as well as a physical disconnect with art’ lowkeymoves shares. the LKM lab overcomes all obstacles to offer numerous new cyber products and opportunities for all artists and designers who still want to engage with their viewers, supporters, and customers. in virtual production, through 3D design and animation, real locations can be replicated and new ones can be developed in order to fulfill the creative needs of each project. from webinars and corporate presentations, to live content and fashion catwalks, the lab can develop an ideal virtual experience, unlocking unlimited creativity and potential. 



LKM lab’s virtual production pipeline is based on epic games’ engine, allowing for the creation of 3D digital spaces and the visualization of final compositions in real-time, with the possibility to apply changes at any given moment. meanwhile, volumetric videos capture three-dimensional objects, enabling the creation of realistic digital avatars of humans in motion. these videos can be viewed on flat screens, as well as with the use of augmented reality and virtual reality applications.



project info:


name: LKM lab
creative agency: lowkeymoves



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