local motors 3D printed car made full-scale and functional at ITMS 2014
images courtesy of local motors




using direct digital manufacturing (DDM), local motors is fabricating and exhibiting the 3D printed car ‘the strati’ at the international manufacturing technology show (ITMS) in chicago september 8th to 13th. compiling of 44 hours of printing and two days of assembly, the full-scale and fully functional vehicle is an investigation for the usage capabilities of a hybrid additive/subtractive machine developed at oak ridge national laboratory.


the 3D printing process of manufacturing the strati
video courtesy of local motors




the instrument uses a large diameter extrusion head to print objects at high speed and then sculpts the surfaces to a more precise specification. the product will comprise of 40 parts, which when compared to the 20,000 that normal cars have highlights the cost effective and creativity freedom that a vehicle made from one piece would achieve. the experimental project takes place at the IMTS to demonstrate the more economical methodology and to realize the method’s potential.

the 3D printed car render design


the vehicle after its fabrication




electrical systems and powertrains were installed after fabrication






a direct digital manufacturing machine was used to produce it




the car fully manufactured




the strati is fully functioning so can drive around