lockheed martin fortis exoskeletons tested for U.S navy military SEALs
images courtesy of lockhead martin




the unpowered, lightweight ‘fortis exoskeleton’ by lockheed martin, is being tested by the U.S navy in order to evaluate the benefits of using them for SEAL use. the devices increase an operator’s strength and endurance by transferring the weight of heavy loads from the user’s body directly to the ground. this allows them to use hefty tools as if they were weightless which thus aids workers in the physically demanding shipyard environment. the ergonomic design moves naturally with the figure and provides strength, endurance and flexibility to the wearer. the equipois zerog arm technology increases productivity by reducing muscles fatigue and preventing injuries as it enables the handler to effortlessly hold objects up to 36 pounds.

the fortis exoskeleton provides strength, endurance and flexibility




lockheed martin is based in bethesda, maryland and is a global security and aerospace company. their investments have led to advancements in exoskeleton systems for applications ranging from military to industrial. they are engaged in research, design, development, manufacture, integration and sustainment of advanced technology systems, products and services. the ‘fortis exoskeleton’ is their latest system which combines the needs for both martial and mechanical operations.

front view of the exoskeleton




the front view of lockheed martin’s latest product being worn


tasks using heavy tools are made easier and safer as the weight is channeled to the ground