logbar ring controls cloud devices using one finger gestures
images courtesy of logbar




the logbar ‘ring’ can send texts, control home appliances and even pay bills with simple gestures. by wearing it on the index finger, the user holds the touch sensor and then releases it after a hand motion is completed. each application has its own unique gesture mark so that the wearer can just perform the designated action to command it. text transmission can be completed with mid-air spelling by utilizing the gadget’s precise letter recognition software – ring font.


the wearable cloud-control device ring lets the user shortcut everything
videos courtesy of logbar




logbar’s zinc ‘ring’ can govern many cloud devices and even enables the user to change the station on the TV. it is also compatible with google glass and smart watches meaning its usage covers many technology appliances. another special feature of the ‘ring’ is its payment information transmission which enables wearers to set up wireless transfers via GPS and ibeacon, for various bills, as well as at participating stores and restaurants. the circular shaped remote detects incoming alerts and notifies the wearer through built-in vibrations and an LED. the product was successfully funded as a kickstarter project and is available for purchase from the 9th october 2014.



the side view of the ring


the device can charge in three hours and can be used for up to three continuous days


the ring’s control app


one gesture is all the wearer needs