the ‘cube’ presentation mouse by logitech

the pocket-sized ‘cube‘ by logitech is a handheld device utilizable as both gesture-controlled mouse and presentation remote.

when the device is used as a mouse, the company’s ‘flow scroll’ sofware provides fluid touch control as compared with conventional mouse wheels, response to swipe commands. by simply raising the ‘cube’ into the air, the device automatically switches to presentation mode, in which clicking the top of the mouse advances slides, and turning it upside down and clicking reverses them.

rechargeable via USB, the device includes logitech’s ‘unifying’ wireless receiver for cord-free connection of up to six compatible devices.

on exhibition at CES 2012, the ‘logitech cube’ is expected in the US and europe beginning in january at a cost of 70 USD.

logitech cube presentation mouse the device is pocketsized for convenience

logitech cube presentation mouse full view of casing

logitech cube presentation mouse detail of side, with USB port and button for slide advance

logitech cube presentation mouse the device is produced in both black and white