logitech multi-device keyboard K480 presented at the IFA 2014
images courtesy of logitech




unveiled at berlin’s IFA 2014, the logitech ‘multi-device keyboard K480’ is compatible with both iOS or android tablets and smartphones, as well as your computers. the one keyboard for all was collaboratively produced alongside feiz design studio with the aim to unify the fragmented approach to typing. using bluetooth wireless connection, the universal keyboard enables users to type on any of the three gadgets by simply turning the easy-switch knob to the desired one. it has an integrated 299mm width base that allows the mobiles and smartpads to be positioned at a perfect angle for reading whilst typing. available in white or black, the ‘K480’ has a bluetooth range of 10m and has a rechargeable battery that’s life should span two years.


demonstration of how the keyboard is compatible with smartphones, tablets and computers
video courtesy of logitech


the technology works with iOS, android, windows and mac devices






features a built-in base for the gadgets to position in




the easy-switch knob enables users to change between the devices