the lotus C-01 motorcycle combines the most extreme in bike engineering with sophisticated styling typical of the british-automaker. conceived by daniel simon, creator of the futuristic light cycles technology in the movie ‘tron: legacy’, it appears that the superbike also  has some virtual-reality-styling from the film. an example of the super-rare lotus ‘C-01’ from 2014 is set to feature at mecum auctions’ monterey sale taking place in california.

lotus C01 motorcycle designboom
lotus C-01 has dynamic form with unmistakably lotus detailing
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 the wheels are crafted completely of carbon-fiber, bespoke made by south african specialists BST19-inch diameter at the front, and 17-inch at the rear, to suit the original concept’s silhouette. the ‘C-01’ follows the computer model it has been built upon so closely that it’s actually difficult to tell them apart on a screen. but this lotus is very real, plus has perfect craftsmanship to complement its total ‘hypersports’ specification.




it features a chromoly trellis tube frame covered with a 12-piece carbon-fiber shell. other cutting-edge components include a cast-aluminum swing arm, öhlins rear suspension, an upside down sachs fork, and brembo racing brakes. this stunning example is one of only one hundred ever to be built, believed to be the only example in north america of the luxury motorcycle.


lotus C01 motorcycle designboom




lotus C01 motorcycle designboom

lotus C01 motorcycle designboom