lujac desautel renders yacht concept as a series of flexible stacking terraces
all images courtesy of lujac desautel
view of the aft deck




lujac desautel’s yacht design ‘la petit terrasse’ re-images the traditional method of stacking decks instead as a series of flexible shuffling terraces on the sea. the concept is rendered as a skeleton structure heavily influenced by le corbusier’s perspective drawings. the result is a layering of spaces: terraces of varying sizes to create an interplay between living indoors and outdoors, and the necessity of flexible spaces for the company of guests on board. each terrace has a unique shape lending itself to diverse uses such as an open air cinema, pool, diving board, outdoor living room, fitness area, dance floor, or even a helicopter pad.

view of the main deck terrace with casual sofas set into the stairs above the pool

an aerial view

the bedroom sea terrace

lujac desautel’s process drawings




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edited by: piotr boruslawski | designboom