turn anything into a lamp fixture with baselamp by luke lamp co.
all images courtesy of luke lamp co.






the ‘baselamp’ by luke lamp co. has endless possibilities to effortlessly turn almost anything into a lamp, like a favorite bottle of whiskey, a glass incense burner, or even a flower filled vase. with an integrated LED chip on board and a recessed touch capacitive dimmer switch, lthe new york based company, created a light fixture that is not only super bright – at 410 lumens, but also doesn’t displace too much heat or produce any UV light. 

the light turns glass bottles into fixtures




manufactured using a CNC machine it is made of a solid walnut or bamboo body and is finished in a natural linseed oil. a solid aluminum heatsink base makes sure the ‘baselamp’ doesn’t overheat it’ s surroundings, and is built to work anywhere in the world. the product is looking for funding on kickstarter to meet manufacturing miniums and start order the parts luke lamp co needs to start production. 

made from either solid walnut or bamboo


aluminum heatsink keeps the lamp cool


a touch-capacitive aluminum dimmer switch to easily adjust brightness