lumir looks to help developing countries with candle-powered LED lamp
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the lumir ‘c’ is shaped after a lighthouse that lights up a dark sea that requires no batteries or cords, so users can take it anywhere they want. the project focuses on serious blackouts in countries with little to no power. many households in developing parts of the world still use candles to keep areas bright at night. the team at lumir focused on the fact that most of the energy in a burning candle is through heat.

lumir-c-candle-powered-LED-lamp-designboom-02the spotlight can direct light more effectively




by using the idea of converting a temperature difference between two other types of semi-conductors directly into electricity, the lumir ‘c’ lights up an LED with only heat displaced from a candle and, not an external power supply. lumir is looking for manufacturing funds through kickstarter to successfully launch the product worldwide with a july 2016 delivery date. 


the lumir ‘c’ campaign
video courtesy of lumir

lumir-c-candle-powered-LED-lamp-designboom-03the two models lumir-c-candle-powered-LED-lamp-designboom-04the LEDs receive power from the heat dissipated from the candle lumir-c-candle-powered-LED-lamp-designboom-05the lumir ‘c’ will come in different colors lumir-c-candle-powered-LED-lamp-designboom-06in dark purple and red lumir-c-candle-powered-LED-lamp-designboom-07the transparent base acts as a wind protector for outdoor use lumir-c-candle-powered-LED-lamp-designboom-08each houses high efficiency LEDs lumir-c-candle-powered-LED-lamp-designboom-09the spotlight can be direct in a vertical motion lumir-c-candle-powered-LED-lamp-designboom-10