290mph reaching LM2 streamliner car debuts at 2015 new york auto show
images courtesy of lyons motor car




accelerating from 0 – 60mph in 2.2 seconds and to a top speed of 290mph, the ‘LM2 streamliner’ from the american manufacturer lyons motor car limited, features a 1,700 horsepower, twin-turbo DOHC V8 engine. enhancing its driving performance further, it is equipped with a seven speed sequential gearbox, brembo-sourced carbon ceramic brakes rotors and a bosh ABS systems package. the bespoke automobile comprises of an abundance of carbon fiber, with its body, full length chassis and subframes all using the material.

all of its full systems are programmable from the user’s iPhone or mobile device




also making use of metals, the ‘LM2 streamliner’ features a stainless, inconel and titanium exhaust system and titanium and billet aluminum suspension. this provides two damping settings; luxury and sports mode, with the latter lowering ride height, boosting shock absorbing and activating electronic exhaust cut out (EECO). by selecting ECCO, the exhaust’s noise is quietened and initiates cylinder deactivation for increased fuel efficiency and comfort. inside, the car is set-up with a 16-inch touch screen that controls the naviagtion, bluetooth and infotainment center. the superfast ‘LM2 streamliner’ is set for its debut at the 2015 new york auto show.

rear view of the automobile


it features an advanced convenient full microprocessor