M.A.S.S. electric bikes by philippe starck + moustache at eurobike 2014
all images courtesy of philippe starck




S+TARCKBIKE (philippe starck), together with manufacturer moustache bikes present M.A.S.S. – ‘mud’, ‘asphalt’, ‘sand’, ‘snow’ – a collection of four electric two-wheelers at eurobike 2014. each design has dedicated technological specifications that offer users the ultimate experience in the various riding conditions from which they are named.

philippe starck MASS electric bikes designboom




‘snow’ is designed to endure virgin snow territory, echoing brushed glaciers in its colour. its mono-arm fork allows optimum snow evacuation, and is equipped with a bosch system, shimano XTR gearing and breaks; and even has a synthetic fur frame cover to protect its battery from extreme temperatures.


‘I wanted the bike to be able to go over all kinds of terrains and especially infinite and poetic territories.’ – philipppe starck

philippe starck MASS electric bikes designboom
3/4 back view of ‘sand’




‘sand’ is rendered in a warm, light grey colour and offers the opportunity of exploring infinite spaces of coast along the water. to conquer its terrain, it is outfitted with large schwalbe tires which provide the lift necessary on sand, and which complement the comfort that is brought forth by its bluto rock shox fork. it is also equipped with a bosch system, with top of the line shimano XTR gearing and brakes. 

philippe starck MASS electric bikes designboom
‘sand’ profile




cycling is one of man’s most powerful accessories. it offers almost endless possibilities with a minimum of material. the bicycle is on the path of dematerialization, which is a symptom of our civilization. just like man over time has increased his physical potential, the bike has naturally acquired electric energy to better serve humanity.’ – philippe starck

philippe starck MASS electric bikes designboom




designed for fast and comfortable urban use, ‘asphalt’ is defined by a dual suspension frame. the charcoal grey bicycle has a shimano alfine Di2 11V shifting system, integrated hub and is electrically driven and connected to the bosch powertrain. schwalbe tires and comfort elements such as a fi’zi:k saddle complete its look. it is initially availability in a 25 km/h version, but will eventually have a 45 km/h counterpart.

philippe starck MASS electric bikes designboom
‘asphalt’ profile


philippe starck MASS electric bikes designboom




the last of the four electric bicycles is ‘mud’, an all-terrain version that is available in medium hot grayscale colours. it has been developed around a dual suspension frame and high-end components, and is equipped with the latest generation in gearing and shimano XTR brakes. it has the concept of differentiated diameter 27/9 wheels that have been introduced by moustache, and ultra-high performances fox and rock shox suspension.

philippe starck MASS electric bikes designboom
3/4 front view of ‘mud’





this is more than a bike, it’s a machine to generate pleasure through hybrid technology that combines muscular effort with the assistance of an electric motor. the synergy between man and machine occurs naturally and seamlessly allowing users to enjoy the comfort of a motorized two-wheeler and the agility of a bike.’ – emmanuel antonot, moustache bikes


a line of tailor-made accessories including glasses, gloves and a backpack have been conceived to accompany the M.A.S.S. electric bicycles; and on the occasion of eurobike 2014, which runs from august 27th-30th, starck has collaborated with cycling head protection leader from california, giro sport design, on the ‘GIRO’ by S+TARCKBIKE helmet. the safety devices is eco-sensitive, with a cork linger and lightweight aluminium shell that can easily be recycled.