magna MILA plus hybrid sports car set for 2015 geneva motor show
images courtesy of magna




the magna ‘MILA plus’ concept, a two-seater hybrid sports car, combines a recyclable, lightweight construction with an alternative-drive solution, to produce high performance as well as eco-friendliness. the vehicle provides an electric all-wheel-drive system with the three-cylinder engine transmitting to the rear axle, and the voltaic motors powering the front. with an all-electric range of 75km, the plug-in hybrid produces reduced carbon dioxide emissions of 32g/km.

the two cameras which replace the wing-mirrors, provide improved aerodynamics




the concept enhances an extruded aluminum space frame which has a lower weight, more modular structural flexibility and offers more ability to accommodate different driveline configurations, than a steel structure would. the fully recyclable body has a striking and dynamic shape thanks to its compactness and flowing lines. as well, the two cameras which replace the exterior mirrors, improve the automotive’s aerodynamics and also provides live images to help minimize the blind spots. its interior features renewable materials, compiling of panels made from bioplastics and natural fibers. the hybrid sports car by magna international inc., is set to debut at the 2015 geneva motor show and follows their ‘blue’ vehicle, shown there in 2014.

its flowing lines create a dynamic and captivating appearance


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