Make It Extreme repurposes tire into a single-wheel motorbike

Vehicle customizer Make It Extreme has unveiled its process for creating its mini motorbike with a single recycled car tire around its body. Dubbed ‘Monotrack Bike’, the custom mini motorbike can lean back so the rider can perform their wheelie stunts. The Make It Extreme team made their monotrack bike by recycling a car tire and removing its two sides to make it softer and easier to slot into the motor’s body.


A lush orange body frame supports the parts of the mini motorbike. The engine sits just below the rider, and at the front, footrests are attached. Looking at the position, it seems that the rider may not have a choice but to recline as they ride and hold onto the handlebars. The end of the process video shows one of the team members trying their custom monotrack bike, and it looks like it blazes through roads like a lightning bolt.

mini motorbike monotrack bike
video stills by Make It Extreme via Youtube



Monotrack bike aka custom mini motorbike tilts forward too


Make It Extreme lives up to its name since its custom mini motorbike exhilarates the rider as they brake. First, they lean back as they ride the Monotrack Bike, but as they brake, the vehicle tilts forward, almost making the rider bow before it fully stops. Fortunately, and with the intact mechanism the customizing team has ensured, the Monotrack Bike only sways back and forth. It has only been tested on smooth roads so far, but by the way the recycled car tire has been stretched and used, the vehicle may be able to weather bumps too.


Vehicle customizers have always upgraded old parts, cars, and engines, and the results can look exciting. A FIAT Panda has been cut in half, but it still functions quite well. Cutting seems to be a favorite method, as seen in a vintage car that has been vertically sliced. No cutting involved, though, in Make It Extreme’s Monotrack Bike other than during the creation process. The resulting vehicle seems handy enough to be cruised almost anywhere; just do not forget to bring a helmet for safe wheelie riding and desert cruising.

mini motorbike monotrack bike
side view of Make It Extreme’s Monotrack Bike

mini motorbike monotrack bike
Make It Extreme repurposes a discarded car tire for its custom mini motorbike

mini motorbike monotrack bike
the mini motorbike can lean back so the rider can perform wheelie stunts

mini motorbike monotrack bike
when it brakes, the Monotrack Bike tilts forward, almost making the rider bow



project info:


name: Monotrack Bike

team: Make It Extreme