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manta5's second-gen hydrofoil bike launches easily thanks to its throttle-only mode

the hydrofoiler SL3: an easy, quiet launch for new riders 


New Zealand-based Manta5, creator of the world’s first hydrofoil bike, has unveiled its second-generation model dubbed the ‘Hydrofoiler SL3’. Replicating the cycling experience on water, the zero-emission electric vehicle operates on a throttle-only launch, tipping it as a potential jet ski alternative. The second big change is the patented pending mechanical designs that allow new riders to progress from novice to competent in minutes rather than hours, unseen before in the category of electric hydrofoils.


Thanks to its throttle-only mode, the SL3 can power up quietly and rise to the surface with one finger on the trigger. Moreover, like all foiling products, when riders stop moving, the SL3 will lower until the chassis is floating on the water surface; they can stay on the saddle semi-submerged when stationary. ‘When it’s time to launch, kick in the throttle or pedal to take off. Very similar to aircraft, the hydrofoil ‘wings’ begin to lift you up higher out of the water the faster you go,’ writes Manta5.


The new hydrofoil comes in three variants, available at multiple price points (SL3, SL3+, and SL3 Pro), and will be distributed via selected resellers throughout Europe and the US.

manta5's second-gen hydrofoil bike launches easily thanks to its throttle-only mode
all images courtesy of Manta5 



a water ride that is ‘damn near bulletproof’


The team at Manta5 fitted the SL3 with carbon fiber and aircraft-grade aluminium, making it buoyant and light enough to carry to the water without the need for a trailer. In addition, a new hardwearing monocoque chassis, structural drivetrain and sealed gearboxes are designed to withstand the harsh marine environment. Dual layer IPX67 battery housings and safety tilt sensors cut motor power as soon as the bike falls are all built into the available models. Lastly, the team fitted the hydrofoil with a new tiller that automatically locks at take-off and releases while foiling.


The SL3 was designed with hire operators in mind, and we’ve rolled that through as the standard offering for recreational buyers. For a product to be in the hands of hire and tourism operators it has to be damn near bulletproof,’ shares Head of Product, Hayden Reeves.

manta5's second-gen hydrofoil bike launches easily thanks to its throttle-only modeHydrofoiler SL3 elevates the water cycling experience 



packing improved assist modes and battery power 


Power-wise, the SL3+ and SL3 Pro come with a 1000Wh Hydropack Battery that can offer up to 4.5 hours of ride time on a single charge — making it ‘the longest ride duration of any electric foiling product on the market,’ notes the brand. The standard model, meanwhile, packs a 600Wh Hydropack Battery with a 3-hour single-charge lifespan.


Finally, thanks to an integrated Bluetooth Ride Controller, users are offered several E-system options to guarantee a smooth sail in open waters. Specifically, Manta5 built in two different riding modes to adjust speed and control: the first is a default ‘Pedal Assist’ with optional throttle override, followed by a ‘Boost’ mode to engage in full throttle and reach maximum speed (depending on the model and battery pack). Other features include an integrated LCD display, a 10 pedal level assist settings, and a throttle override. You can access the complete list of specs here.





manta5's second-gen hydrofoil bike launches easily thanks to its throttle-only mode

new riders can master the vehicle in less than an hourmanta5's second-gen hydrofoil bike launches easily thanks to its throttle-only mode

launching quietly with zero emissions


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