designer martin hajek imagines apple’s latest 3D printer patent
all images courtesy of martin hajek





apple recently submitted a patent for a multi-colored 3D printer, but it is unclear if the tech giant plans to enter the market any time soon. nevertheless, designer martin hajek took the patent submission and conceptualized it with a revived ‘G4’ cube design and created the ‘iPrinter’. while making the model, it occurred to hajek that if apple ever decide to make a 3D printer, it will not be to sell more printers or the consumables like ink and resin, but instead to establish a business model that will sell 3D printers through an online store, similar to the app store. hajek believes that what apple did for music with ‘iTunes’, they could also do for 3D printing with their own online model store.



martin-hajek-apple-3D-printer-concept-designboom-02the concept apple 3D printer would lift the models from a basin martin-hajek-apple-3D-printer-concept-designboom-03the render revives the ‘G4’ cube design martin-hajek-apple-3D-printer-concept-designboom-04the 3D printer would connect directly to mac computers martin-hajek-apple-3D-printer-concept-designboom-05the printer sits on a curved glass bottom martin-hajek-apple-3D-printer-concept-designboom-06the 3D printer would have it’s own online store platform martin-hajek-apple-3D-printer-concept-designboom-07the backplate  martin-hajek-apple-3D-printer-concept-designboom-08apple would supply cartridges of resin martin-hajek-apple-3D-printer-concept-designboom-09martin hajek apple 3D printer basin where models would be createdmartin-hajek-apple-3D-printer-concept-designboom-10the touch screen top display