mazda took its weight cutting passion to extremes with two MX-5 concepts
all images courtesy of mazda




mazda debuted two concepts at the 2015 SEMA show in las vegas, based on its all-new ‘MX-5’ roadster. the ‘MX-5 spyder’ and ‘MX-5 speedster’ designs take the original car’s lightweight roadster doctrine a step further, streamlining it even more, while accentuating open-air driving. 

the two concepts side-by-side




influenced by vintage roadsters, mazda designers stripped the roof off, and added a ‘bikini’ top to the ‘MX-5 spyder’, as well as changed it to a silver exterior, adding a carbon fiber aero kit with a grille intake and full grain leather interior. the ‘MX-5 speedster’ concurrently pares the roadster back to the bare essentials. the japanese company took its weight cutting passion to extremes by eliminating the windshield, adding carbon fibre doors and seats together with custom 16-inch wheels. the ‘speedster’ tips the scales at only 943 kilograms, and is also 30 mm lower than the production ‘MX-5’ thanks to an adjustable coil suspension system.

the ‘MX-5 speedster’ 
mazda drastically reduced the weight by removing the windshield  
the ‘MX-5 spyder’ includes an added carbon fiber aero kit mazda-mx-5-concepts-designboom-07
mazda designers removed the roof and replaced it with a bikini topmazda-mx-5-concepts-designboom-08mazda-mx-5-concepts-designboom-09
rear view of the ‘MX-5 spyder’ and its single exhaust system