mazda presents rotary engine sports car successor at 2015 tokyo motor show
all images courtesy of mazda





mazda presents a new rotary engine sports car concept called the ‘RX-vision’ at the 2015 tokyo motor show. the car is powered by a next-generation ‘skyactiv-r’ rotary engine, the unconventional technology that is perhaps the most compelling symbol of the carmaker’s challenger spirit. 

mazda-rx-vision-rotary-engine-concept-tokyo-motor-show-designboom-02the ‘RX-vision’ features a ‘skyactive-r’ rotary engine




a proportioned front engine, rear wheel drive model, the concept represents a vision of the future from mazda. rotary engines are unique in that they generate power through the rotational motion of triangular rotors, unlike the reciprocating pistons in conventional automotive engines. overcoming numerous technical difficulties, the car company succeeded in commercializing rotary power, first in the ‘cosmo sport 110S’ in 1967, and then in several other models.

mazda-rx-vision-rotary-engine-concept-tokyo-motor-show-designboom-03the car has a front engine, rear wheel layout




although not currently mass producing any rotary models, mazda never ceased its research and development activities. the carmaker chose the ‘skyactiv-r’ label for the most recent rotary engine to express its determination to continue delivering its customers unconventional technology and an uncompromising experience behind the wheel. 

mazda-rx-vision-rotary-engine-concept-tokyo-motor-show-designboom-04the coupé fits two, with baggage space at the rear mazda-rx-vision-rotary-engine-concept-tokyo-motor-show-designboom-05the minimal front dashboard