rare sighting of psychedelic jellyfish in the midnight zone


drifting steadily across the deep pacific waters, the ever-elusive psychedelic jellyfish was finally caught on video by the monterey bay aquarium research institute (MBARI) during one of its ROV dives into the midnight zone of the monterey canyon. this incredibly rare footage caught by MBARI’s robotic submersibles gives us a detailed look at the jelly’s mesmerizing anatomy: thread-like and glowing tentacles float around a multi-colored bell, displaying a generous palette of fluorescent hues. 


its scientific name, crossota millsae, was coined in honor of ocean conservationist claudia mills, who dedicated her career to studying similar ocean creatures. 

psychedelic jellyfish MBARI
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mapping out the ocean drifter’s peculiar biology 


MBARI first discovered the crossota species back in 2018, but this latest sighting was ‘one of the most striking. [it was] a wild sight in the midnight zone. the remarkable coloration of this jelly tipped off scientists that they had found a previously unknown species,’ states the research team. that being said, here’s what MBARI knows so far about the psychedelic jellyfish: it has a maximum diameter of 2.8 centimeters and a depth range of 1,000 to 4,000+ meters. in addition, scientists were able to successfully map out the biological differences between the male and female species. 

psychedelic jellyfish MBARI
the crossota millsae has thread-like and luminous tentacles



‘unlike many jellies, we can see obvious differences between the males and females. the eggs in the female are large and globular, while the male gonads are shaped like sausages.the baby medusae stay attached under the mother’s bell until they are ready to launch,’ shares MBARI.

watch a rare footage of the psychedelic jellyfish floating across the pacific ocean
a multi-colored body that glows in the deep sea

watch a rare footage of the psychedelic jellyfish floating across the pacific ocean
MBARI was able to map out the main differences between the male and female species



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project info:


common name: psychedelic jellyfish

scientific name: crossota millsae

sighting location: midnight zone, monterey canyon, pacific ocean

equipment: MBARI robotic submersibles

video by: MBARI