McLaren P1 GTR transitions from concept to production for geneva 2015
images courtesy of McLaren




following its visionary debut at the 2014 pebble beach concours d’elegance, the track-dedicated and limited numbered McLaren ‘P1 GTR’ has transitioned from concept to production in time for the 2015 geneva motor show. the racing car which pays homage to the yellow and green ‘F1 GTR chassis #06R’ that dominated the 1995 24 hours of le mans, completed an extensive and intense schedule of track-testing. this has enabled the engineers to optimize its aerodynamic performance as well as cooling, with a few but very noticeable modifications.
front view of the racing car




at the front, the differences between itself and the road-going ‘P1’ are clear to see because of the wide track, aggressive profiled splitter and sleek air-flow blades. moving further back, the car is recognizably 50mm lower and works with a fixed-height wing that sits 40mm above the rear body. this acts cohesively with the front-mounted smooth flaps, in order to increase its downforce levels by more than 10%, reaching figures of 660kg at 150 mph.





the course-committed McLaren ‘P1 GTR’ combines a 3.8 liter twin-turbo V8 petrol engine with a lightweight electric motor, to produce 789 bhp coupled with the generator’s 197 bhp. its powertrain has been thoroughly revised for the highest level of racing capability, with the addition of motorsport-developed parts that are more suited to the speeds that the vehicle will drive at. as well as appearing at the forthcoming international automobile exhibition in geneva, the automobile will be joining the company’s driver program that starts at the spanish circuit de catalunya later this year.

the large twin exhaust pipes are another bold feature of the rear


the 1995 racer with its scissor doors open


a look inside the carbon fiber constructed interior


its lightweight cabin is suited for its race


the vehicle is dedicated for high level track performance




the P1 GTR sitting next to the harrods-sponsored #51


the famous model was one of seven McLaren F1 GTRs to compete at the 24 hours of le mans in 1995