ever heard of mech racing? well you will, especially as research initiative furrion robotics‘ latest toy is now being used to promote the idea. ‘prosthesis’, the first exo-bionic racing mech, was exhibited at the consumer electronics show this year. at 15 foot tall, over 8,000 pounds and shown off in a pretty monumental videos, the concept it sure to capture some attention.

mech racing furrion prothesis
image courtesy of furrion



furrion developed the first exo-bionic racing mech earlier last year, which is essentially a large ‘robot’ controlled by human movement. we use the term robot loosely because it doesn’t operate automatically so technically it is an exoskeleton. prosthesis can run up to 20 mph, step over obstacles, and run for up to an hour on a battery charge. furrion’s hope is that this is a beginning of a whole league, announcing the X1 mech racing league, looking to the future of an entirely new genre of sport.