mercedes-benz announces self-parking e-class saloon before NAIAS 2016
all images courtesy of mercedes-benz





mercedes-benz is taking a big step into the future with the next ‘e-class’ range. the tenth generation business saloon delivers stylish highlights with its distinct functional design and high-grade interior. the model also marks the world premiere of numerous technical innovations from the german brand. 


a sample of the ‘e-class’ saloon features
video courtesy of mercedes-benz




the interior of the ‘e-class includes two high-resolution displays, each with a wide screen of 12.3 inches. together they showcase the instrument cluster and virtual dashboard in the direct field of vision of the driver. touch sensitive control buttons on the steering wheel make their first appearance for a mercedes-benz. like a smartphone interface, they respond precisely to horizontal and vertical swiping movements, allowing the driver to control the entire infotainment system using finger swipes without having to take their hands off the steering wheel. 

mercedes-benz-e-class-hybrid-designboom-02this is mercedes-benz’s tenth generation ‘e-class’




the ‘e-class’ will come with a choice of three engines: a four-cylinder petrol, a four-cylinder diesel and the ‘E 350 e’ with the german’s latest hybrid technology. the plug-in allows for around 30 kilometers of purely electric driving. in conjunction with the petrol engine and electric motors, the system outputs 279 hp with torque of 600 Nm. the set-up achieves the performance of a sports car yet consumes less fuel than a small, compact-class car. all the models are equipped with the ‘9G-tronic’ nine-speed automatic transmission as standard. it enables fast gear changes and allows low engine revs, which has a particularly beneficial effect on efficiency and noise levels. 

mercedes-benz-e-class-hybrid-designboom-03the ‘e-class’ will come with a choice of three engines




mercedes-benz filled the ‘e-class’ with assistance and safety systems for enhanced comfort, and driver security. the ‘drive pilot’ system represents the next step along the road to autonomous driving. on motorways and country roads, it follows vehicles at a safe distance of up to 210 km/h speeds and adjusts accordingly when needed. this can make life easier for the driver, who no longer needs to operate the brake or accelerator pedal during normal driving. the feature also provides plenty of assistance during steering maneuvers. ‘drive pilot’ can continue to intervene actively by taking account of surrounding vehicles and parallel structures, therefore making it easier to deal with traffic jams or heavy congestions. 

mercedes-benz-e-class-hybrid-designboom-04the ‘drive pilot’ system keeps the car the correct distance behind vehicles




remote parking pilot allows the vehicle to be moved into and out of garages and parking spaces remotely using a smartphone app. this enables occupants to get into and out of the car easily, even if space is very tight. the digital vehicle key uses near field communication (NFC) technology that allows the driver’s smartphone to be used as a key. high-resolution ‘multi-beam LED’ headlamps, each with 84 individually controlled high-performance LEDs, automatically illuminate the road with precision-controlled distribution of exceptionally bright light – without dazzling other road users. the sum total of its innovations, includes the active lane-change assistant which allows the driver to steer into the selected lane as if by magic, making the ‘e-class’ the most intelligent sedan in the business class.

mercedes-benz-e-class-hybrid-designboom-05remote parking pilot allows the vehicle to be moved into and out of garages remotely

mercedes-benz-e-class-hybrid-designboom-0684 individually controlled high-performance LEDs fill the headlamps mercedes-benz-e-class-hybrid-designboom-07two high-resolution displays face the cockpit mercedes-benz-e-class-hybrid-designboom-08the interior is wrapped in premium leather materials  mercedes-benz-e-class-hybrid-designboom-09the back seats  mercedes-benz-e-class-hybrid-designboom-10the seat adjustment dongle and steering wheel controls