mercedes-benz showcases the one-off 540 k streamliner at pebble beach
images courtesy daimler




the one-of-a-kind mercedes-benz 540 k streamliner takes center stage at pebble beach’s concours d’elegance, after the 1938 trendsetting model was reconstructed. the model has a powerful, 8 cylinder supercharged engine – offering 180 horse power – that is dedicated for high-speed, long distance motoring. due to its wind-tunnel developed, lightweight aluminum body-shell, the classical car has efficient aerodynamics. its exterior and interior design, elegant features and spaciousness are on show on the 14th august tour d’elegance and the 17th’s concours d’elegance.


the vehicle will take to center stage at pebble beach’s concours d’elegance on 17th august




the mercedes-benz 540 k streamlined saloon was developed in 1937/38 in the special vehicle production unit at the company’s sindelfingen plant, and was based on a chassis from the standard-production model. it was originally designed to take part in the 1938 autumn berlin-rome race but due to the second world war, it was initially postponed and then ultimately cancelled.


the rear view of the 1938 model




by only using the technical skills, methods and materials of the period from which the 540 k streamliner originates, the classic vehicle was restored and rebuilt. ‘the integrity of its overall design as well as numerous technical details do not only epitomise the innovative power of the mercedes-benz brand but also its expertise in the development of one-off vehicles to meet the very highest expectations in terms of design, comfort and customer benefit.’ said michael bock, head of mercedes-benz classic and customer center. the car was called ‘a herald of the future’, due to combining innovative 1930s car design with efficiency and a sleek aesthetic appeal. at pebble beach this year, the car will be displayed to the public once more thanks to its full restoration to its original condition.


the original streamliner model combined 1930s styling and leading aerodynamics




the car was manufactured using lightweight aluminum