self-driving concept by mercedes-benz is a mobile lounge for future cities
all images courtesy mercedes-benz





the ‘vision tokyo’ is the latest spatial experience concept to come from mercedes-benz. versatile and intelligently connected, the vehicle is an urban transporter that reflects the futuristic design idiom focused on captivating the young and progressive. 

mercedes-benz-vision-tokyo-concept-tokyo-motor-show-designboom-02the rear window is set into a surrounding ring of red LED cubes




mercedes-benz believe the role of the vehicle has changed for the latest generation of users. the spaciousness of the ‘vision tokyo’ marks a new conceptual approach for the german carmaker. the proportions are emphasized by the monochrome ‘alubeam’ paintwork and by the side windows screen-printed in the color of the vehicle for added privacy. 

mercedes-benz-vision-tokyo-concept-tokyo-motor-show-designboom-03up to five passengers can access the interior




surfaces and lines are illuminated in blue, providing unexpected highlights and are indicative of the concept’s emission-free electric drive system. a pointer to the potential for autonomous operation and the comprehensive system of vehicle environment sensors that this requires, including a 360 degree camera, is provided by the fin of the vehicle roof. the body shell of the ‘vision tokyo’ has been designed to allow the crash protect integration of a fuel cell-powered elective drive system. it combines a plug-in hybrid with a compact high voltage battery that can be charged con-tactlessly via induction. the electric system has a total range of 980 kilometers, with an option of 190 kilometers solely on battery power.

mercedes-benz-vision-tokyo-concept-tokyo-motor-show-designboom-04surfaces and lines are illuminated in blue mercedes-benz-vision-tokyo-concept-tokyo-motor-show-designboom-05the seating wraps around the interior mercedes-benz-vision-tokyo-concept-tokyo-motor-show-designboom-06the cabin features a hologram center console  mercedes-benz-vision-tokyo-concept-tokyo-motor-show-designboom-07the doors open upwards for the mercedes-benz vision tokyo concept