mercedes-maybach S-class line led by exclusive top-of-the-range S 600
images courtesy of daimler




the mercedes-maybach S-class line is being unveiled at both the los angeles auto show and auto guangzhou 2014, marking the fusion of the mercedes-benz S-class and the exclusivity of maybach. the model is 5453mm long with a wheelbase of 3365mm, that is 20cm larger in both dimensions than the ‘S-class saloon’. the top-of-the-range ‘S 600’ leads the way as the most powerful model, with its V12 biturbo engine that has an output of 530hp and a maximum torque of 830Nm at 1900rpm.





the mercedes-maybach is the second sub-brand in the mercedes-benz group and provides both prestige and exclusivity to customers for whom status is important. the spacious interior envelops passengers in lounge-style, modern luxury that embodies elegance. this is represented by the hand-stitched door trims, chrome-plated tweeter grilles and fibre-optic cables for the ambiance lighting, which all together create a unique, capacious atmosphere.

side view of the vehicle




the extended wheelbase design has emphatic lines which suggest power and dynamism, and combines stylish, effortless superiority with trend-setting exclusivity. one feature which encapsulates how the car is formed to offer privacy is how the rear doors have no triangular windows in order to keep the passenger seats out of view. even with the large windows, the vehicle is the world’s quietest production saloon as the level of wind noise is very low.

the S 600 leads the exclusive, luxury line


the rear view of the elegant car


the range marks the fusion of the S-class saloon and the exclusivity of maybach


the car is designed to be chauffeur-driven




the car features a spacious interior


the seat-back lining, doors and nozzle coverings are resplendent in fine wood




a combination of chrome, wood and leather creates an elegant interior