mercedesAMG brings its formula one success to the streets with the ‘green hell’ GT R




sourcing research and development from its very successful formula one team, mercedesAMG packed the latest from motorsport technology into its latest ’AMG GT R’. the front mid-engine concept with a twin-turbo V8 engine outputting 585 HP, the extensively modified suspension, the adapted aerodynamics and the lightweight construction lay the foundations for an intense dynamic driving experience. 

the mercedesAMG ‘GT R’ in an exclusive ‘green hell’ finish




dubbed the ‘green hell’ for its exclusive color, the car has a wider front and rear wing that allows an increased track width for optimum grip and even higher cornering speeds. the lightweight forged wheels shod with cup tires are designed for maximum driving dynamics. this feature also applies to the vehicel’s active rear steering, nine-way adjustable traction control system, and coil-over suspension with additional electronic control. 

the long front hood houses a twin-turbo V8 engine




the third member of the ‘AMG GT’ family is the new spearhead of the AMG model range. figures such as 3.6 seconds from zero to 100 km/h and a top speed of 318 km/h, combined with the driving dynamics, will undoubtedly translate into extremely fast laps on the racetrack.


the ‘GT R’ driven by formula one driver lewis hamilton

video courtesy of mercedesAMG


lightweight forged wheels keep the car’s center of gravity low 

engineers have designed the car for maximum driving dynamics 

the twin-tip exhaust system 

top view 

the engine outputs 585 HP

m mercedesamg-gt-r-green-hell-designboom-10
the interior cabin 

the ‘GT R’ goes from zero to 100 km/h in 3.6 seconds

the car’s top speed is 318 km/h

Archivnummer: D304472
Archivnummer: D304475
Archivnummer: D304479
Archivnummer: D304474
Archivnummer: D304470
Archivnummer: D304509
Archivnummer: D304510
Archivnummer: D304458
Archivnummer: D304486
Archivnummer: D304489
Archivnummer: D304488
Archivnummer: D304436
Archivnummer: D304487
Archivnummer: D305085
Archivnummer: D305084