brooklyn-based innovator michael cirino has created a new way to make cocktails. his company a razor/a shiny knife utilizes original ideas to promote a client’s product. for the italian liquor company fernet-branca, cirino has designed a drinking experience that incorporates drones into the cocktail-making world.

shaken or stirred: the art of cocktail making now features flying drones

michael cirino creates a fun cocktail experience for his viewers
movie by per la mente | videography by brittany NO FOMO 



inspired by his interest in choreographing robots, cirino attaches the cocktail shaker to the drone, which carries it above the spectators. the drone has been programmed to either shake or stir the cocktail before landing back onto the table. ‘you may be asking, why do we use a drone to mix cocktails? and the only reason specific reason that we do this is, because its awesome,’ concludes cirino.

drone cocktail
the project utilizes new technology in a safe and interesting way

drone cocktail
a bartender is required to pour in the cocktail’s ingredients and transfer the mixed cocktail to a glass after flight

drone cocktail
the drone flies above the crowd to either shake or stir the cocktail

drone cocktail
this curated experience is in partnership with fernet-branca liquor



project info:


creator: michael j. cirino & a razor/a shiny knife

drone pilot: alex mora

editor & videographer: sonic highlark

drone pilot & videographer: david quateman

project manager: carly pifer

project assistant: carly fisher

videographer: brittany NO FOMO