michael young styles brionvega’s bluetooth technology as a portable speaker
all images courtesy of brionvega





for its latest release, italian audio/video specialists brionvega invited designer michael young to create the ‘WearIt’ portable bluetooth speaker, together with a leather bag. the starting point of this project was one of the companies earliest products, the classic ‘TS207’ radio designed by rodolfo bonnetto. the resulted is a fresh outcome that retains the integrity and history of the brand, whilst bringing it into the present with modern components.


‘the bluetooth market is a very busy one and my office was lucky enough to work on this technology when it was invented 20 years ago,’  describes michael young. ‘defining a product can be a challenge when there are so many players but the legacy of brionvega transcends that. I have been a fan of the brand since I discovered design, so to be involved in this project has been nothing short of an honor and a great pleasure.’

brionvega-michael-young-wearit-portable-speaker-designboom-02the leather bag comes in different colors




the speaker is made from the same materials as the original, but with an updated spin – recycled aluminum. it features a rechargeable battery that lasts 24 hours, microphone for hands-free calling and a USB slot to connect to an external device. for a complete stereo experience, the ‘wearit’ connects seamlessly with a second one to offer a high fidelity wireless sound. the matching carrying bag is finished in italian leather that uninterruptes the audio and respects the speakers forms. the added option for carrying the brionvega ‘WearIt’ speaker, makes it great for traveling audiophiles. 

brionvega-michael-young-wearit-portable-speaker-designboom-03the ‘WearIt’ speaker inside the paired leather bagbrionvega-michael-young-wearit-portable-speaker-designboom-04the front view with simple button interface brionvega-michael-young-wearit-portable-speaker-designboom-05the backplate with a USB ports brionvega-michael-young-wearit-portable-speaker-designboom-06the leather strap can be directly attached the portable speaker