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foam-made micro teardrop trailer for vintage vespa hides portable kitchen in trunk

Micro teardrop trailer from foam and fiberglass


Creative camping keeps testing the inventive limits of the campers, and motorbike fan Thomas Burick turns to foam, aluminum, and ‘poor man’s fiberglass’ (which is homemade fiberglass) to create a micro teardrop trailer for his vintage Vespa. The catch? The trunk isn’t just for tools, but for his portable kitchen, complete with a gas stove and essentials to accompany his daily ride. Burick collaborated with Lucy from ‘The L Wood by Lucy’ to come up with a trailer that Thomas can easily bring with him on his trips (he even spent his Thanksgiving dinner inside the micro teardrop trailer).


From afar, the shape of a teardrop might not immediately come to mind, but of sourdough bread. The foam-made micro trailer softly arches to give more space when campers enter the tow-away vehicle. They might need to bow before they can enter the trailer, but the brief discomfort is immediately relieved as soon as they see the mattress which can be laid down on the trailer’s floor. As they lie in it, they face natural light from the vehicle’s window, and a mini-sink just on their left side.

micro teardrop trailer vespa
images courtesy of The L Wood by Lucy, via Youtube



Lightweight, towable trailer


With fiberglass and foam being the main ingredients of the micro teardrop trailer, the towable vehicle is lightweight, which might be an issue if the weather is windy or snowy. It might be carried away by the gust or not provide enough heating for the campers should they use it (it’s better to bring a portable heater). Burick coated the micro teardrop trailer with his Vespa’s hue of blue, so that when he rides on his scooter and pulls his trailer with him, it looks as if they were bought as one.


Burick had first searched for a 1947 Cabin Car trailer as the base for his project, and once he found it, he immediately worked on the build, refined it for road use, and attached the trailer to his vintage Vespa. Burick and Lucy uploaded a video showing the ins and outs of the micro teardrop trailer along with their building process in hopes of inspiring campers to dip their toes into a personal camper project step-by-step.

micro teardrop trailer vespa
kitchen in the trunk

micro teardrop trailer vespa
close-up view

micro teardrop trailer vespa
sleeping area

micro teardrop trailer vespa
close-up view


micro teardrop trailer for vintage Vespa


project info:


name: Micro teardrop trailer

creator: Thomas Burick


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