microsoft band fitness tracker features cortana digital assistant
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the microsoft ‘band’ is a wearable fitness tracker that provides actionable insights based on data gathered from the device and apps. the company’s new service health, helps the user achieve wellness goals by monitoring their heart rate, steps, calorie burn and also sleep quality. by following daily physical activity and reviewing statistics, the ‘band’ maximizes the wearer’s well-being through a choice of expert-designed workouts. with a built-in GPS, it can map the routes that have been run, biked or hiked and saved as a favorite for next time.


live healthier with the microsoft band
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the microsoft ‘band’ offers more than just fitness advice, it also helps the user be more productive and organized with the aid of a full-color, touch screen. incoming calls, texts, email previews, social media updates, calendar alerts, weather and finance can be viewed on the wrist, discreetly and without needing to pull out a phone. it is able to do this by syncing with iphone, android and windows mobiles. if the owner also has a windows phone 8.1, then a personal digital assistant called cortana, is able to take voice notes and reminders.

heart rate can be monitored for 24 hours


the band works in sync with phones to display statistics




cortana can make notes and set reminders by the user’s voice


the device can also get a quick read of the UV index to tell the wearer if they need to put sun lotion on