microsoft hololens headset integrates digital holograms with real life
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enhancing the recently announced windows 10 software, the microsoft ‘hololens’ headset pushes beyond the boundaries of augmented and virtual reality by enabling the user to interact with 3D holograms blended into the real world. the personal technology adapts the way people communicate, imagine and play through its ability to design and shape digital content as if they were actual objects in the room. it improves everyday tasks and enables activities that humans may never have experience before such as how NASA’s jet propulsion laboratory scientists will soon be using the tool to explore the surface of mars via the planet’s rover images. this integration of high-definition holograms with physical places provides a new medium to express creativity, a more efficient method to teach and learn, and a more effective way to visualize work and share ideas.


digital content can transform everyday tasks for the better
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whilst blending in the holographic computing right in front of their eyes, the microsoft ‘hololens’ platform allows the consumer to never lose sight of the environment around them with its clear transparency. it can be controlled using gestures to create, shape and size digital content, sight to navigate and probe, and voice to communicate with the apps. with these commands, the headset enables users to transform rooms into a canvas for projects and games, to gain instructions for difficult tasks via ‘holonotes’ on skype, and view reality from a colleague’s perspective. the technology is in the prototype development stage but the company are collaborating with creators in order to analyze new holographic experiences for people around the world to use.


the development of hololens and the direction microsoft are aiming to take it
video courtesy of microsoft


the holographic headset


virtual objects blend seamlessly within environments


holonotes on skype enables users to picture instructions that their friend or colleague has drawn


creative work is made more efficient as objects can be viewed and adjusted in real time


using holostudio software, hologram creations can be 3D printed


rooms can become canvases for playing games


ideas can be shared and experiences never thought possible can be achieved
image courtesy of NASA