the microsoft ‘surface’ tablet microsoft surface tablet

microsoft has entered the hardware market with its first tablet, the microsoft ‘surface‘, just unveiled at an LA press event. a consistent design scheme across two models of technical specifications delivers microsoft operating system and software in a 10.6-inch screen tablet.

the casing of ‘surface’ is created using a technique called ‘vaporMg’, a molding and depositive process that generates extremely thin (as low as .65mm) but rigid components. the tablets feature an integrated kickstand.

most innovatively, the tablet is compatible with two smart touch covers that double as input devices when removed. measuring 5mm thick, the ‘type cover’ features a traditional plastic keyboard; the ‘touch cover’, at just 3mm thick, functions as a full QWERTY keypad with touch-sensitive not mechanical keys. both click onto the ‘surface’ via a built-in magnetic connector, forming a book-like spine. produced in a range of colours, the devices also make the background of the surface change to match the shade of the accessory when it is connected.

with edges angled at 22 degrees, the ‘surface’ tablet is available running windows RT or windows 8 pro, the former of which is lighter (at 676 grams to the pro’s 903 grams) and thinner (9.3mm to the pro’s 13.5mm). both feature a 10.6-inch cleartype HD display (full HD in the pro version). ‘surface for windows RT’ uses a NVIDIA chip while ‘surface for windows 8 pro’ uses ivy bridge. the tablets feature HD front and rear-facing cameras.

microsoft surface tablet 3/4 rear view, with integrated kickstand extended

microsoft surface tablet profile, with smart cover (at left) attached) and kickstand extended (right)

microsoft surface tablet the smart covers– ‘touch’ or ‘type’– are produced in a range of colours

microsoft ‘surface’ teaser video