microsoft unveils an extensive lineup of flagship devices for windows 10 platform 
all images courtesy of microsoft





at a presentation in new york city, microsoft showcased their latest endeavors in hardware, all built to make the most of the ‘windows 10’ platform. the operating system is taking steps to blur the lines of desktop and mobile computing, enabling the same experience on both smaller and bigger screens. 


microsoft-windows-10-devices-designboom-02the flexible ‘smart book’ hinge




surface book

some would call it a laptop, others a 2-in-1 (tablet + laptop), the ‘surface book’ brings performance with the versatility of a pen and touch. the device transforms into three different configurations, adapting to the way the user works. the rearrangement is based on a unique hinge that folds and detaches to convert from a laptop to a tablet. the 13.5-inch screen is touch sensitive and offers creatives the added bonus to use the ‘surface pen’ to write, draft and draw for software like adobe’s photoshop and illustrator programs.

microsoft-windows-10-devices-designboom-03the outer case is made from machined magnesium 




the ‘surface book’ is inching closer to desktop CPU performances with six generation intel ‘core i5’ or ‘i7’ processors with up to 16GB of memory and optional graphics chip upgrades. this means the device can handle intensive tasks like photo and video editing. the detachable mobile ‘surface dock’ adds more plugs to both the ‘surface book’ and ‘surface pro 4’ with – two HD video ports, a ethernet port, four USB 3.0 ports and an audio port.

 microsoft-windows-10-devices-designboom-04the unique hinge allows the keyboard to fold over microsoft-windows-10-devices-designboom-05 the ‘surface pens’ in a variety of colorsmicrosoft-windows-10-devices-designboom-06 the digital pens will have the option to change the tips microsoft-windows-10-devices-designboom-07 the ‘surface pro 4’ 



surface pro 4

mircosoft’s leading ‘surface pro 4’ tablet gets an upgrade that polishes the ‘windows 10’ experience for the mobile generation. it features a 12.3 inch display that has high contrast and low glare finish and weights less than the previous generation at 766 grams. the ‘type cover’ keyboard, first pioneered by microsoft, gets a variety of colors and provides users a fully functioning desktop machine with it’s built-in multi-position kickstand. 

microsoft-windows-10-devices-designboom-08the dock accessory adds more ports  microsoft-windows-10-devices-designboom-09 the microsoft ‘band’





microsoft band

microsoft’s entry into wearable devices, the most recent ’band’ focuses on health tracking as well as productivity notifications. with GPS, UV monitor and a barometer sensor, the device keeps track of the user’s heart rate and daily activities, like exercise, steps, calories burned and sleep quality. 

microsoft-windows-10-devices-designboom-10 wireless chargeable through USB cable




the smart notifications allow only important bits of information to be displayed – calls, texts, calendar reminders and social media updates. the company has also fused their voice consignation AI ‘cortana’, to help with dictated responses and requests. the microsoft band is designed to be connected to both iPhone, android and windows phones.

microsoft-windows-10-devices-designboom-11the ‘band’s’ primary focus is on tracking health vitals




microsoft-windows-10-devices-designboom-12the ‘lumia 950 XL’



lumia 950 and lumia 950 XL 

once a nokia product, mircosoft has now managed to reshape the series of smartphones into their pinnacle ‘windows 10’ device. coming in two screen sizes – 5.7 inchs and 5.2 inchs, the ‘lumia 950’ series includes qualcomm’s latest ’snapdragon 810’ and ‘808’ processors, and next-generation 20 MP camera sensors. 

 microsoft-windows-10-devices-designboom-13the smaller ‘lumia 950’



these hardware improvements mean the ‘lumia 950’ can now connect to external monitors via a mircosoft ‘display dock’ and offer a scaled up version for a PC-like experience. the phones also include an upgraded battery pack, where they can charge wirelessly as well as through a USB-C fast charging cable that can fill to 50% capacity in just 30 minutes.

microsoft-windows-10-devices-designboom-14the smartphones include a 20 MP cameramicrosoft-windows-10-devices-designboom-15with powerful processing power, the phones can handle external monitors