moveable floating artificial islands by migaloo reinterpret luxury yachting
all images courtesy of migaloo





austrian private submersible yacht company migaloo now offers custom floating habitats based on semi-submersible platforms. combining the amenities of a megayacht and an exotic island, the onboard ‘kokomo ailand’ features a private owner’s penthouse that is 80 meters above sea level, with two private elevators and a glass bottom jacuzzi. the main deck is influenced by a tropical jungle with a pool, waterfall, palm trees and vertical gardens. 

migaloo-kokomo-ailand-artificial-island-designboom-02the top view showcasing the helipad and terraces 





the spa and beach decks consist of gyms, massage and beauty salons, entertainment pool with a bar and barbecue area, and an outdoor dining quarter. the VIP and guest desk both have private terraces and infinity pools, and the helideck is large enough to fit small to medium sized helicopters. the entire concept structure is 117 meters wide and 78 meters tall and is completely customizable in size, shape and features. the migaloo ‘kokomo ailand’ artificial island rewards the owner with freedom and privacy, paired with the exotic appearance of a tropical island. 

migaloo-kokomo-ailand-artificial-island-designboom-03the high tower is a VIP guest house accessible via a private elevator  migaloo-kokomo-ailand-artificial-island-designboom-04the island can be moved to different locations around the world migaloo-kokomo-ailand-artificial-island-designboom-05sitting above the water migaloo-kokomo-ailand-artificial-island-designboom-06the large main deck 4 migaloo-kokomo-ailand-artificial-island-designboom-07palm trees on the main deck migaloo-kokomo-ailand-artificial-island-designboom-08each deck is completely customizable   migaloo-kokomo-ailand-artificial-island-designboom-11the open terrace