the ‘mila coupic’ is designed to function as an SUV coupé, pickup, or convertible as desired

debuting at geneva motor show 2012, the ‘mila coupic’ concept by magna steyr automotive technology manufacturers combines three vehicle designs into one: an SUV coupé, a pickup truck, and a convertible.

in order to switch functionality among the three models, the car features an innovative roof system consisting of two independently folding modules. operating electronically, the units are composed of clear glass of various widths embedded within textile to facilitate folding. the front module can be opened from front to rear to provide a convertible experience for passengers, while the rear unit can be opened in either direction to assist in loading.

by opening the rear roof forwards and folding up the rear seats, the car adopts a pickup-like form in which the folded backseats seal off the driver’s cabin, while the back of the vehicle is exposed and usable for transport.

mila coupic 3 in 1 concept car at geneva motor show 3/4 side view, both roof units closed

mila coupic 3 in 1 concept car at geneva motor show 3/4 rear view, both roof units closed