technology has a lot to answer for in terms of distractions, san fransisco-based startup mindset has teamed with onkyo to do some damage control. founded by biomedics and neuroscientists, mindset have created a pair of smart headphones that read your brain waves and give feedback to help you concentrate. the latest in wearable technology, mindset headphones are embedded with five EGG sensors—that stands for electroencephalogram, a device that tracks the electrical impulses in your brain. the phones then detect when you are in a state of concentration, and notice when you become distracted, sending you an audio cue to bring you back to focus or suggesting the exact length of break your brain needs to return to its most productive state. over time, each alert trains your mind to better recognize when it becomes distracted, leading to lasting improvements in concentration.

mindset headphones are embedded with five EGG sensors that read electical impulses in your brain



EGG technology has been being used medically for over 50 years, and is now employed to treat attention deficit disorder, and is even forms part of in NASA’s astronaut training program. mindset have set out to make the technology accessible to everyone, in a pair of headphones that is set to cost $349. the phones are ergonomically engineered for optimum comfort, and use a gyroscopic hinge that ensures the ear cups gently cradle your head to prevent headaches from uneven pressure. the EGG sensors fit through your hair and sit genrly on your head, and mindset’s upper band is designed to evenly distribute weight, providing a feeling of weightlessness. the soft microfiber cups stay cooler than traditional leather and avoid any stickiness.

the sensors provide feedback to an app on your computer



a recent study has shown that over the course of our career, we waste 20,000 hours being distracted. research also shows that we are significantly less productive when we are tired, and mindset’s EGG sensors can also detect when your brain becomes fatigued. when the phones notice a dip in attention, they will recomend you take a break, and suggest the exact time your brain needs for optimum recovery. after working with mindset for just a couple of sessions, the headphones can identify the time of day which you are usually most productive, allowing you to maximize productivity during these times. over time, these alerts train your mind and rewire your brain to better tune out distractions.

mindset worked to test many different prototypes for the product



using the headphones teaches you more about distraction patterns, giving insight which can be used even when not wearing the device. learning more about what distracts you and how to get back to focus are skills that stick with the wearer even when they take off the headphones. even though the mindset headphones are packed with smart technology, the partnership with onkyo ensures perfect noise cancelling and optimum sound quality when users wish to listen to music with the device.

mindset headphones are ergonimocally engineered to disribute pressure evenly over your head

using the headphones over time teaches the user about their brain’s functionality