MINI camper + caravanimages courtesy MINI



happy april fool’s day! BMW MINI celebrates the occasion with the ‘release’ of two camping solutions for intrepid MINI drivers:  the ‘swindon’ rooftop tent and ‘cowley caravan’. both devices sleep two, and can be affixed to any MINI clubman or countryman vehicle. designed in particular for sports models, the collapsible rooftop camper sleeps two, fitted easily atop the roof of the car. its split-painted shell is red on top and black below, to retain the aesthetic of the john cooper works MINI colour scheme. the ‘cowley caravan’ offers a more luxury camping accomodation, in the form of a rear trailer weighing just under 300kg (661lbs) and measuring 12-centimeters wider than a MINI clubman mirror-to-mirror. the interior features sleeping space for two with interior stereo system and TV/DVD player. the kitchen is housed behind a rear panel, comprising a twin-burner gas stove, sink with water tank, and refrigerator. a solar module atop the caravan charges the on-board battery and supplies power to the electrical components.

MINI camper + caravan profile of rooftop tent camper

MINI camper + caravan mini with rooftop camper collapsed

MINI camper + caravan view of the roof tent collapsed (left) and raised (right)

MINI camper + caravan the mini luxury caravan camper

MINI camper + caravan view looking in

-->MINI camper + caravan the rear contains a travel kitchen

MINI camper + caravan detail on built-in solar charger