FELO unveils foldable moped M-One


Motorcycle company FELO has unveiled M-One, a mini electric motorcycle that is foldable and lightweight enough to be slid into the car’s trunk and be brought as a sub-vehicle on the road. FELO calls it a ‘casual mini moped’ suitable for daily commutes and short trips albeit its toy-like look. The lithium battery-packed mini foldable motorcycle may come in handy for land excursions that may need a more portable and mobile unit to venture into.


FELO claims that M-One’s curb weight totals 37 kilos and that it bears a rated power of 400 watts, a maximum output power of 1 kilowatt, and a cruising range that sums up to 100 kilometers. The foldable moped has recently appeared at the 50th Tokyo Motorcycle Show, marking its debut. Looking from afar, it may take a double take before riders can be sold on the idea of hopping onto the low-level motorcycle, but FELO assures that it fully functions as an electric ride. The company plans to deliver units of the mini electric motorcycle in the fourth quarter of 2023.

mini electric motorcycle m-one
images courtesy of FELO



Mini electric motorcycle open to customization


FELO’s mini electric and foldable motorcycle M-One resembles a bigger camcorder from its boxy body. The lens is replaced by the front light while the screen of the handheld device gets set aside to make way for the engine’s home. Its magnesium-aluminum alloy integrated frame adds to the robustness of the vehicle, and the flat handlebars flip down into the dedicated carved space in the motorcycle’s body.


The technique allows the mini moped to live up to its foldable namesake. Once retracted, the total height of M-One is 22 inches. FELO has long-term modular capacities in mind when the design team worked on M-One. They have reserved what they call ‘development spaces’ around the motorcycle to offer riders customization. Here, they can add Bluetooth speakers, more headlights, and other modifications if they wish. 

mini electric motorcycle m-one
the mini electric and foldable motorcycle ‘M-One’ from FELO is lithium battery-packed



Color-wise, FELO is slated to release a model with a bright yellow cube with grill design elements that may visually recall a crane machine at a construction site. Another model is clade with gray pixels in varying hues, articulating a more contemporary design.  Zhang Jingyi, founder and CEO of FELO Technology, says that the two core selling points of M-One are its foldable capacity and its external discharge function. 


He adds that the M One can be folded and placed in the trunk of a car or anchored on the tail of an SUV. M-One has 220V and 50Hz household AC power with two-way charging and discharging function that the company believes can meet the electricity demands of most car enthusiasts for their outdoor entertainment. As of publishing the story, FELO has announced a price tag for its Japanese market at 380,000 yen (around 2,800 USD).

mini electric motorcycle m-one
it is also small enough to be anchored on the tail of an SUV

mini electric motorcycle m-one
it bears a rated power of 400 watts and a cruising range up to 100 kilometers

mini electric motorcycle m-one
once folded, the total height of M-One is 22 inches

mini electric motorcycle m-one
the planned release is in the fourth quarter of 2023



project info:


name: M-One

company: FELO