technology’s obsession with nostalgia is no secret, and vinyl is just one of many old trends that have lately risen back to popularity. we may be fixated on the past, but there’s no reason that old tech shouldn’t get a revamp to fit with modern times and that’s exactly what miniot have done with their new circular record player, ‘wheel.’ the designers at miniot are seeking to bring back the elegance of playing music, which has seemingly become lost with its digitalization. their minimalist device seamlessly combines an old form of music with new technology to create a neat, circular player that’s fully controlled by a central joystick. 

miniot’s ‘wheel’ is essentially a record player flipped over



in essence, ‘wheel’ is a high quality record player turned upside down. miniot explain that ‘everything happens behind the scenes,’ meaning all technology is neatly built into the round plate below the record and you have an unobstructed view of whichever album you choose to spin. since the interior workings of the player are fully enclosed, all technology is hidden from dust and accidents. manifactured in holland, the player even comes with a transparent LP containing chosen tracks from dutch musicians, which also doubles as a dust protector.

‘wheel’s design is both minimalist and sleek



miniot’s ‘wheel’ updates the classic record player with advanced modern techniogy, using an audiotechnica AT95T cartridge. together with the tonearm, the player offers a warm, rich sound with optimum clarity. the entire arm is sculpted out of a single piece of laminated magongany to match the player’s wooden base, and each tone arm is fine tuned to its cartridge. 

all of the player’s functions are controlled by a central joystick



the player’s interface is as elegant as its appearance, using a central mahogany stick to control all functions including on/off, volume, pause, and even to switch between tracks. ‘wheel’ itself is an analog player, but can also be used in tandem with a wireless speaker. the minimalist device works both horizontally and vertically, playing equally well whether placed atop a table, upright on a stand or hung elegantly on the wall. 

‘wheel’ works both vertically and horizonatally
the central stick uses a click sensor to control the device
the turnarm is hand cavered from a single piece of mahogany
‘wheel’ works best with a hardwire connection
inside the making of ‘wheel’
the player’s turnarm is hand carved and adjusted to the cartridge
carving ‘wheel’
the player is neat enough to display on a shelf