iceland's teardrop-shaped camper is electrified with ultra-light MINK-E

iceland's teardrop-shaped camper is electrified with ultra-light MINK-E

the Teardrop Design Reimagined


Since 2017, Icelandic company Mink Campers has elevated the design standard for adventure-based mobile units. With its aerodynamic teardrop styling and large circular portal, the trailer shows a sleek, contemporary profile. Now, the team has unveiled the next evolution of the camper with the MINK-E — an eco-friendly, all-electric edition for touring the rugged, unpredictable landscapes of the great outdoors.

The 13.5-foot (4.1-meter) Mink Camper takes shape with its classic, streamlined teardrop shape and compact size, weighing in at 1,150 lbs (520 kg). It surpasses its predecessor by becoming Mink’s lightest camper to date, with a weight just under 1,125 lbs (510 kg). This makes it an excellent choice for use with an all-electric tow vehicle or a small internal combustion engine car.

mink-e camperimages courtesy Mink Campers



Innovative Construction and Eco-Conscious Materials


The MINK-E camper retains the same fused ABS plastic construction, incorporating 1.2-inch (30-mm) thick walls within its frameless Solid Shell Structure. Its 19-mm Armaflex insulation and heater-fed AirFlow ventilation system ensure comfort for sub-freezing Icelandic camping while providing cool, continuous airflow in warmer months. Mink has also emphasized the use of recyclable materials, with approximately 25% of the trailer’s content being recyclable. The MINK-E is at once eye-catching with its refreshing new appearance. Departing from the bright yellow of its predecessor, the new edition boasts a vibrant ‘electric’ blue color scheme against gray walls and roof — certain to stand out even amidst a backdrop of deep blue waters and ice.

mink-e camper
introducing MINK-E, the electric edition of Iceland’s teardrop camper, setting new standards in sustainable camping



the electrifying amenities of the mink-e camper


To align with the electric theme, the diesel and gas appliances found within the other Mink Campers have been replaced in the MINK-E with an all-electric amenity set powered by an onboard battery and integrated solar charging. The galley, known for its simplicity and efficiency, now features a 36-liter ice chest sunken below the countertop and a portable gas stove, which has been replaced with an induction cooker. What’s more, the diesel Webasto has been substituted with an electric heater while an exterior charging port allows travelers to recharge directly.

The MINK-E Camper maintains much of what made the previous edition so great, with its round doors and windows, a large overhead skylight, and a simple kitchen under the tailgate. The cabin centers around an RV queen-size mattress, while a cot-style bunk can be mounted to the walls, serving as a child’s bed or storage shelf. A padded backrest enhances the comfort of sitting up inside the camper.

mink-e camper
weighing just 1,125 lbs, the MINK-E is Mink’s lightest camper, ideal for electric tow vehicles and compact ICE cars mink-e camper
built with ABS plastic construction and eco-conscious materials, 25% of its content is recyclable iceland's teardrop-shaped camper is electrified with ultra-light MINK-E
the new edition is designed in ‘electric’ blue, complementing iceland’s blue landscape


interiors fit an RV queen-size mattress and mimic a protective cocoon even in harsh weather (image: MINK 2.0)

iceland's teardrop-shaped camper is electrified with ultra-light MINK-Ea circular portal lends a unique frame for the landscape beyond (image: MINK 2.0)


the large sunroof lets travelers sleep under the stars (image: MINK 2.0)

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