the renown san fransisco-based bike designers mission bicycle company have introduced their first upgraded bike, designed with integrated features to make commuting through the city a smooth ride. ‘lyra’ by name, the elegant bike has front, rear and side LED lighting integrated into the bicycle, operated by a single touch sensor for 360 degree visibility. mission bicycle have woven 100 high brightness LEDs inside the fork blades of the front wheel, that work on one of two modes: super bright, and energy saver. at the rear, 5 high brightness LEDs are integrated into the seatpost.

the ‘lyra’ bike has 100 LEDs integrated into the fork blades of the front wheel



mission bicycle company have also integrated a GPS tracker into the ‘lyra’ model, allowing the rider to track their bike should it be stolen in a busy city. the bike connects to a smartphone via a specially-designed app, created in collaborated with, to reunite you and your bike should you get separated.

integrated LEDs provide 360 degree vision



unlike most electric bike solutions, ‘lyra’ never needs to be plugged into a wall to be recharged. instead, mission bicycles have developed their own proprietary battery, that can be removed from the bike and charged via a micro usb port from your desk or nightstand. a single charge powers the bike for a full month, ensuring you never get caught out with a flat battery.

the LED lights can be recharged via a removable battery



the upgraded feature are integrated seamlessly into mission bicycle’s popular city commuter, meaning there’s no need to compromise on aesthetics or comfort for increased safety. mission bicycles’ double-butted steel frames are TIG welded by hand in taiwan before being built up one at a time. to achieve the most durable, vibrant, scratch-resistant finish possible, every frame is electro-static powder-coated in their california workshop.

integrated GPS tracking works to reunite bike and rider should the bicycle be stolen

the removable battery can be charged via a micro USB

long-exposure photographs track the bicycle’s path through san fransisco

the trails left behind by lyra’s LED lights