you mightn’t have thought that vincent van gogh and artificial intelligence go hand-in-hand, but thanks to a system developed by researchers at MIT computer science and artificial intelligence laboratory (CSAIL), we can now see his painting technique like never before. the system, called ‘timecraft’, takes the image of a finished painting and analyzes how it was likely to have been originally created. the resulting time-lapse videos provide an amazing insight into renowned works from famous artists such as cezanne and van gogh.


video courtesy of amy zhao



to develop the timecraft system, the team at MIT CSAIL utilized more than 200 existing time-lapse videos of both digital and watercolor paintings. they then went on to test the technology by comparing the time-lapse video generated by AI with real time-lapse videos filmed by artists. with the help of an online survey and willing participants, they found that for 90% of the time timecraft generated a more realistic time-lapse video in comparison to existing systems. thanks to the researchers and this technology, we can now experience how renowned works of art came to be.



article via MIT CSAIL