Mitsubishi revamps Triton pickup truck


Mitsubishi Motors has revamped its Triton pickup truck into a vehicle designed with a lava-rock body print that mimics frozen gravel post-eruption. The camouflage design of the car concept draws upon volcanic crops packed with condensed energy whose jagged zebra lines may recall patterns found on military uniforms.


The all-new Triton XRT from Mitsubishi Motors features an eye-capturing front and a robust hood that continues to the side with bold, horizontally-themed styling. Mitsubishi XRT Concept is fitted with front and rear over fenders alongside mud-terrain tires to surpass earth-covered lands and rough bumps on the road, giving it the powerful drive to compete in grueling rallies and dash across the terrain.


The pickup truck’s sides have been adorned with a graphic of the 10-parallel line Ralliart brand icon that expresses Mitsubishi Motors’ passion for driving. The revamped Triton Mitsubishi XRT Concept, whose launch is planned for 2023 and full specifications are yet to be released, is exhibited at the 44th Bangkok International Motor Show 2023 held from March 21st to April 2nd, 2023.

mitsubishi xrt triton
images courtesy of Mitsubishi Motors



XRT goes through endurance tests


Takao Kato, the president and chief executive officer of Mitsubishi Motors, says that the all-new Triton XRT is going through final touch-ups in preparation for its release in 2023. ‘We have performed rigorous endurance tests around the world while also incorporating the know-how gained from rally activities. With the new vehicle launches as the centerpiece, we will continue our drive toward further growth. Please look forward to the future of Mitsubishi Motors,’ says the president.


The Triton is Mitsubishi Motors’ top-selling model manufactured at the Laemchabang Factory in Thailand. It has been exported to about 150 countries around the world. With its first full redesign in around nine years, the all-new Triton XRT is poised to be the sixth generation of the brand’s midsize pickup truck. After the launch in Thailand in 2023, the Mitsubishi XRT follows a sequential release in the ASEAN region, Oceania and other global markets.

mitsubishi xrt triton
side view

mitsubishi xrt triton
XRT is a revamped model of Mitsubishi Triton

mitsubishi xrt triton
mitsubishi triton XRT is slated for a 2023 release



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name: Triton XRT

company: Mitsubishi Motors