moky combines keyboard and touchpad to allow users to interact with finger gestures
all images courtesy of moky






with so many different device platforms that require numerous types of interactive, users tend to get jumbled to operate with fingers, or keyboard, or trackpad or even the mouse. moky, a thin portable keyboard that allows user to incorporate any type of gesture interaction they need that works with their personal computer, tablet or smartphone. the touchpad ability is achieved by encompassing the seamless infrared light sensor which can see hand motions above the keyboard and communicates them to the screen using bluetooth 4.0. gestures include multi touch pinching, finger dragging, and simple tapping. the fully patented project from south korea has already been funded on their indiegogo page, and plan the ship the moky keyboard touchpad in october 2015. 


video courtesy of moky



the expected battery life is three months based on average of four hours of usage per day 


moky uses a pantograph keyboard is a fast response typing experience


magnetic case folds to create the stand