to bridge analog and digital times moleskine creates a calendar app time page
all images courtesy of moleskine






moleskine, the company that brought the trademark journals used by many artists like ernest hemingway and pablo picasso, is falling deeper into app world with ‘timepage’ for iPhone and apple watch. the calendar app synchronizes multiple providers to one minimal interface and integrates with weather, maps, contacts and platforms such as uber. arrigo berni CEO of moleskine said, ‘as a company devoted to the design of tools for creative professionals and knowledge workers, we’re thrilled to be adding another piece to our analog/digital portfolio. our aim is to offer tools for an ever more productive organization of time, projects and ideas, filling the analog/digital divide. the app represents a calendar as a continuous timeline without segregation of months. freely navigating back and forth, users can see their schedule at a glance by day or week with empty days presented with equal visual weight as full days. 

timepage works with both iPhone and apple watch




moleskine ‘timepage’ represents future days with the full name and time of the events, unlike other monthly calendar layouts which only show indicators of future events in tiny boxes. to bridge analog and digital times, ‘timepage’ connects people and places with the context in which they are experienced. weather forecasts, estimated travel times, directions, uber and contacts are all accessible at a tap of the screen. the moleskine ‘timepage’ was developed in partnership with bonobo and is available at the app store for $4.99 USD.