moley automated kitchen uses pair of robotic arms to prepare meals
all images courtesy of moley





startup company moley, has created a robotic kitchen featuring an advanced, fully functional robot integrated into a professional kitchen. the prototype cooks with the skill and flair of a preprogrammed master chef and is set to launch in 2017. it’s the product of 12 months of development in collaboration with shadow robotics, yachtline, DYSEGNO, sebastian conran and standford university professor mark cutkosky. a pair of full articulated robotic hands reproduce the entire function of human hands with the same speed, sensitivity and movement. sophisticated yet compact, it will feature integrate an oven, stove and touchscreen unit. 


video courtesy of moley robotics




the kitchen is operated by its touch screen or remotely through a smartphone. when not in use, the robotic arms retract from view. the whole unit works behind sliding glass to enclose it for safe use when there’s no-one home. the moley robotic kitchen is connected to a growing library of recipes from around the world. initially it starts with a plate of ingredients, eventually the system will be accessed anywhere remotely. 3D recipe recording will open an exciting new world for celebrity chefs and home cooks. professionals and owners will be able to present their creations to a new audience. 


moley-robotic-chef-designboom-02the two robotic arms run a long the entire length of the kitchen countermoley-robotic-chef-designboom-03the prefabricated system installed in the home  moley-robotic-chef-designboom-04the moley robotic chef would work behind glass  moley-robotic-chef-designboom-05the touch screen offers a library of different recipes moley-robotic-chef-designboom-06once finished cooking, the robotic arms would clean as well moley-robotic-chef-designboom-07the accompanied app