moncler and rick owens’ monolithic steel sleeping chamber drowns out external noises

moncler and rick owens’ monolithic steel sleeping chamber drowns out external noises

Moncler and rick owens for the art of genius


Moncler and Rick Owens create a monolith-like sleeping chamber covered in steel and insulate it with soundproof isolation to cancel all external noises. designboom witnessed the two fashion brands unveil their Dracula-bedroom idea during Moncler Genius’ show at the London Fashion Week. During the event, models circled the strobe-lit platform where the camping-ready sleeping chamber was on, wearing the coordinating Moncler + Rick Owens clothing capsule.


The intimate space can be shared by two people who close themselves off the world through the gull-winged doors. These flight-ready doors double as a signal whether or not the sleepers are ready for their personal or party time. When flapped open, the gull-winged doors emit the feeling of an expanded space since both sides of the sleeping chamber are exposed. Imagining the sleeping chamber in the forest, it can mimic the surroundings as the exterior steel cladding reflects the environment.

moncler rick owens sleeping chamber
images courtesy of Rick Owens and Moncler (unless stated)



Temperature-controlled ventilation system


Moncler and Rick Owens imagine their silent sleeping pod as a space to take plenty of rest in. The design looks as if travelers will be locked up in there for a while, so the two fashion brands install regenerative oxygen concentration to let them breathe while they remain inside. Organically dyed recycled nylon also insulates the interior of the sleeping chamber, which Moncler exclusively and specifically developed for the pod and the capsule collection that goes along with it.


The ventilation system inside the sleeping chamber is temperature controlled. It adapts to the weather and makes sure that the sleepers are comfortable in their resting period. Moncler and Rick Owens dot the silent sleeping pod with internal sound, lighting, and video system to entertain the travelers while they are out of their real homes. Rick Owens says that there is also refrigerated storage in the sleeping chamber, a great addition for those who prefer their drinks cold (or want to bring their frozen goods with them on the road).

moncler rick owens sleeping chamber
silent sleeping pod with gull-winged doors



Looking back on the custom tour bus


Before the silent sleeping chamber, Moncler and Rick Owens also customized their own tour bus, upholstered with French Army surplus blankets and heavy cotton bio doeskin. The custom tour bus features a spacious lounge area to hold parties and gatherings in and a V8 diesel-fueled engine on the go.


The surplus blankets and cotton bio doeskin design gets interrupted by the industrial stainless steel covering the small kitchen’s facade. The style recalls the Moncler and Mercedes-Benz collaboration for Project Mondo G where the classic G-Class four-wheeler gets decked out with glimmering silver signature puffer jackets of Moncler.


The custom tour bus was the last collaboration between Moncler and Rick Owens which the duo took for a road trip to Michael Heizer’s master earthworks ‘Double Negative’ and ‘City’ in Nevada, USA. The brutalist life-size architecture evokes the scale and formation of ancient constructions such as pre-Columbian complexes or Egyptian ceremonial structures.


video © designboom


45°, 90°, 180°, City © Michael Heizer. Courtesy of the artist and Triple Aught Foundation. Photo: Ben Blackwell | read more here

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